Imagine relaxing in a stylish, fully portable hot tub - on your deck, in the bush, beside the ocean - in fact anywhere that has water! The DUTCHTUB is completely mobile, easily transported and is light enough to be carried by two people.
Priced at around $6950 with no installation costs and a great selection of colors to choose from, DUTCHTUB is the perfect choice for outdoor hot-tubbing, at home or anywhere!
ECO-VILLA is the exclusive DUTCHTUB agent within the ACT and surrounding NSW
For more details or to place an order please contact Alex on 0401 448 443 or email

The Dutchtub can be set up or dismantled quickly & easily and has plenty of room for several people

Compact, lightweight and easily transported, The Dutchtub can be taken almost anywhere

To get your tub to a comfortable 38 degrees celsius it takes aprox two bags of wood (2.5 cubic feet) and one bag to maintain it for several hours.
Heating time varies depending on the outside temperature and the type of wood used, but is normally one to two hours.

This is a unique, eco-friendly system that gives you maximum fun with minimum hassle

The adventure begins with you, the location is only limited by your imagination...